I specialise in working with small companies to support their business growth. I understand the unique needs of this stage in a company’s development, both the positives - agility and flexibility - and the drawbacks - team size and financial constraints.


Working with your senior team to translate your strategic vision into operational processes, I can help you introduce systems which deliver on what you need now as well as allowing for your future needs as you grow.


I will help you build a team that works together for the benefit of the company, from planning your org chart to helping you recruit and retain high-quality employees who understand what it means to work in a small company. I will help you set up and promote programmes across your organisation to create commitment and engagement, from soft skills to supporting management and leadership development.


I work around your needs, not the other way round. Flexible support packages include:


Consultancy: Full assessment of your needs captured in a bespoke operations action plan




Short-term contract work: Launch your new operations plan by scoping and delivering new processes and helping to bring in your team 




Ongoing support: Work on a flexible / part-time basis to support you as you grow without the need for a long-term contract 



I will work with you to understand your company's needs and help you set up and run processes to monitor short, medium and long-term goals.


Effective communication is vital for any business. I will help you ensure your message reaches your team, your customers and all key stakeholders.


I will design bespoke systems to help you monitor performance in key areas - financial, HR and the quality of your output. I will support you to work in an agile way, allowing you to adapt as required. 


Your team is the key to your success. I will set up your HR systems, from creating your org chart to recruiting your team, setting up performance management systems, designing and providing training and developing retention strategies.


Efficient processes are key to a well-run company. I will design and implement processes to improve clarity, support your team and deliver more transparency for you as well as help you deliver your operational projects. 


Your output is your reputation - and the future of your business. I will design systems so you can monitor what your team produce and ensure your key stakeholders and customers are kept up to date.



I am a highly experienced operations consultant who has worked in the creative and digital space to support growing companies implement processes and systems.

My career began in the primary classroom where I taught for seven years before moving into developing and managing digital learning and training resources for both adults and young people.

With over 12 years experience delivering complex edtech projects, I have spent the last 4 years providing operational support for companies as they move beyond their initial start up phase.


Naomi Rich
+44 (0)7958 360871


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